Feeling down? 

Let What’s Underneath Lift You Up.

You know that feeling when you first get your hair done?  When your toenails are freshly painted?  When you slip into that new dress you just bought? Great lingerie can do that too.

Who says you can’t wear something scandalous and sexy under scrubs?  There is no rule book that states only grandma style bras can be worn to work.  Sexy lingerie can boost a woman’s confidence, make her stand a little taller, feel a little prettier.

As women, we love to feel desired.  A locked glance with a tall handsome stranger or an accidental bump into an old boyfriend when you are looking your best.  We crave these moments.  When choosing your lingerie don’t take a risk.  Wear the best and only the best.

“Don’t save your good lingerie for dates, wear it for you” – Dita Von Teese