Fall in love with bra shopping…

If you haven’t already.



Every little girl loves to play dress-up, paint their nails, curl their hair etc.  As we grow older these things become more of a chore, more of a have-to than a want-to.  We all wake up relieved that its not our hair wash day or that we are just Netflix and chillin’ so there’s no need for make-up.  Of course, there are exceptions to everything. Not everyone feels this way.  If you do, my wish for you, is that for just one day you can go back to the mindset of the young girl you once were.  Let’s face it, a little pampering makes everyone feel better.  

Step 1:

Bra shopping is comparable to a day at the spa.  Sure, you laugh, but it’s true.  What motivates you to go to the spa?  Your nail polish is chipping, your pores are clogged … whatever it is, it gets you there.  Think about this for a second.  What brings you to a bra store?  Either your bra broke, you need a different size, you want a different look or you are in desperate need of bras in general.  One thing is for sure, there is a reason you open the door to shop.  So instead of looking at it as a chore, look at it as leaving refreshed with whatever dilemma brought you in resolved.  Feeling good on the inside makes you look great on the outside. 

Step 2:

Everybody, regardless of shape or size, will look their best if their garments fit properly. Those garments can only fit properly if your bra does.  Let’s face it,  it is the most important piece of clothing because you wear it EVERYDAY. Our job is to ensure you are wearing the right size bra and style for your shape and the look you are wanting to achieve.  Want lift?  We can help with that.  Want to minimize? We got you.  Want to feel covered and secure?  No shame in that.   Your wish is our command.  We will give you first-class service and do our absolute best to help you reach your bra goals.

Step 3:


Keep your mind open and positive.  Easier said than done eh?  It makes such a difference though!  Maybe you have had a bad experience in the past bra shopping.  Maybe you struggle to find a good fit, so you feel defeated before you even begin.  Who knows the reason, but one thing’s for sure, how you look at bra shopping lies in your hands.  You can make the choice to be hopeful with a positive attitude.  
“If you don’t like something change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude”. – Maya Angelou 



Imagine your body is a road.  

Every curve is unique to you.  

Nobody’s body is exactly the same as yours’.  

That in itself is something to be proud of.

You deserve the Cadillac of bras.