Thank You.

You know who you are…


Just read, take it in and absorb the flattery.

You are.. the people who read this blog.  The people who have our backs reacting, sharing and commenting on our social media posts.  You take time out of your busy day [gee-whiz is life hectic] to make sure we are noticed.  You can **give yourself a pat on the back** now. You rock!

You are.. the people who chat about us over your morning coffee or maybe even dinner.  The people who tell everyone they know – “YOU must visit this shop!”.  The people who purchase gifts certificates for friends or family who they know would sooooo benefit from a fitting.  You can **give yourself a round of applause** now.  You are awesome!

You are.. the people who understand, although a sale everyday would be nice, we could never stay in business by constantly discounting items.  Do we wish we could give free gifts everyday and discounts by the dozen? Heck YES! We just cannot.  We are not like big box stores, every penny lost has a direct impact on our bottom line. When we do have a sale you are sure to show up.  When we don’t you help by continuing to purchase, so we can in turn continue to grow and prosper.  You can **cheer for yourself** now.  You are amazing!

Both life and business are always on a learning curve.  There are many bumps and potholes.  As the great Lily Tomlin once said… 


“The road to success is always under construction.”