Old Faithful

Reliable. Comfortable.  Dependable. 


You know the one.  That bra in your drawer. The one right there, all balled up in the corner. The one you reach for more often than you should.  The one that lost the wire on the right side in 2014.  The one with the stain from the red wine you were drinking at your staff Christmas party.  Yeah- the party where you got a little tipsy (maybe a little frisky too).  The one that even on the tightest hook is actually not tight at all.  I think it maybe even has some holes , scratch that, let’s call them “air pockets”.
 I could sit here and give you a ton of reasons why this bra needs to go.  It’s no longer supportive, it is not properly lifting.. etc etc.  I won’t though, because you already know all the reasons it needs to go.  So instead, let’s focus on why you WANT it to go.  
YOU want your breasts to sit high and to project forward.  YOU want to feel supported and not have strain on your neck.  YOU want your cups to be smooth and not lumpy.  YOU want to feel like a million bucks again.  
YOU know it and I know it.

Don’t worry your next new bra will turn into “Old Faithful” one day soon.