Looking for ultimate lift?  Chi Chi by Sculptresse is the bra for you.  We have a select size run in this gorgeous Tulip Print colourway. It’s perfect for spring. 

 Mariella is a brand new bra from Elomi.  It is available for a limited time in this colourway called Blue Bird.  It has a seasonal denim blue base with hints of pink.  What inspired it? “Birds in Flight”.  The top cup is cut from a very strong stretch lace which will give you a rounded shape and fit easily and nicely.

Elomi has done it again and introduced us to “Rosalind”.  This is a very pretty plunge bra that is not a push up.  The colourway it’s available in is called Monochrome.  It’s mostly black and white, but has hints of guava pink throughout. Also, the embroidery on the top cup has an “eyelash effect”, which is truly breathtaking.

Matilda is not new to Elomi, but it is new to us.  Let me tell you, its about time we started carrying this bra.  It fits like a dream.  You are always able to get Matilda in Café au Lait(nude), Black or white, however, for a limited time you can order it in Magenta.  It gives great lift and separation and also comes equipped with a j-hook.  The j-hook allows the straps to be easily hooked together preventing them showing throughout the season of sleeveless tops and dresses.