Tales From the Fitting Room

Women tend to be harder on themselves than anyone will ever be.  You learn this very quickly when you are fitting ladies for lingerie.  “Look at my back fat”.. “They look so pointy”..”My breasts are different sizes”.. “I’ve gained so much weight”… all things we hear daily 
and the list could go on. 

When we watch television or flip through fashion magazines we are so quick to assume that those women never feel the way we feel. That’s not true though.  They have all the same reservations and worries about their bodies 
whether big or small.

I’m here to tell you – you are not alone.  
I will also tell you once you find your perfect fit you will know it.  These reservations will melt away because you will stand taller, you will smile bigger and most importantly 
you will feel good about yourself.  

Confidence is a beautiful thing.