May your sports bra be your new BFF.


 What is your activity of choice?  Yoga, horseback riding, hockey, running…. etc?  One things for sure, no matter your choice, a sports bra is in order.
Let’s talk about pain.  Have you ever ran your kids quickly to the bus stop sans your bra?  
Bounce, bounce.. OUCH.  Not a feeling I personally like.  Even for light activities keep your breasts locked down to eliminate the pain.

Let’s talk about sweat.  I don’t know about you, but even if I sit around binge-watching Netflix, au-naturalle & bra-less, a funny thing happens.  Actually a stinky thing.  Boob sweat.  Guess what? When you are working out, that boob sweat basically quadruples.  I don’t know about you but I do not want any skin on skin contact when this happens so I will be keeping mine separated and supported.

 Let’s talk about posture.  Okay, so not wearing a sports bra will not directly impact your posture, BUT… (that’s a very big but) when your breasts are not supported the rest of your body tries to help.  This means your shoulders, your neck , your back.. etc.   They all say “hey let’s help out” and this whole team action plan, results in posture issues.  You know what else it could possibly do?  It could result in incorrectly executing the sport or exercise you are doing and give you an injury. 

You wouldn’t skip the shower, so don’t skip the sports bra.