Breaking in a new bra is like breaking in a new pair of shoes. If you’re used to wearing something with a loose, worn band (or a broken-in pair of shoes), it can take some time to get used to something new, especially a new size. 

A properly-fitted bra is supposed to sit straight across (or a bit lower) on your back, and fit snugly around your ribcage (on the loosest hook). Most women are used to wearing bands that are too large for their frame, and after having a proper bra fitting they complain that the band feels “too snug”. Nine times out of ten, it’s just a matter of breaking in your new size. So, when you go home and begin to worry that your new bras might be uncomfortable, don’t fret! It normally takes on average a week or so depending how long and how often you wear it to get used to the new bra size. Once you do, you’ll wonder what you were thinking!