Stand Tall and Support Small Business 

Forget the Mall

Does your UPS driver know you by your first name?  Have you spent more money on Amazon than you have spent on groceries this year? Have you done more shopping from your seat than your feet?
If you have – it’s time to stand up, dust off and make a change.
As cheesy as shop small quotes may sound, they are accurate.  #truth
When you choose to skip leaving town and grab that pie at your local bakery, pick up a bottle of wine at your local winery, grab some laundry soap at the local boutique or even grab your kiddo a pair of used skates at the second hand sports store in town YOU are in fact supporting a dream.  Every dollar spent at a local small business contributes to actual lives of the owner and of their employees.  It puts food on their tables.  Do you think the founder of Wal-Mart is worried about feeding their family tonight? 
Not to mention,  we want jobs in our towns.  When we shop local our businesses prosper and guess what happens?  They hire people! I would totally choose a five minute drive versus a 45 minute commute to work everyday.  This would also help the environment .. *cough* *cough*… just saying.
Last but certainly not least… Community pride. We all watch the Hallmark movies where everyone knows everyone, their dog and who they dated in high-school.  We all feel that heartwarming sensation and think for a second.. “I wish our town was like that”. The power lies in our hands.
So next time you turn your ignition just pause a second and think about what I just said.
small choices often lead to BIG results.

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