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How To Measure Your Own Bra Size

Tools:  You’ll need a flexible tape measure and a mirror. Add a friend and a cocktail, and it’s a party!

Expectations:  Remember, the numbers on a tape measure, and the letters you’ll calculate are only a starting point.  All brands fit differently depending on fabrications used, so it’s important to be flexible about your size.

STEP 1: Measuring your band size

It’s a good idea to wear your best fitting bra, preferably with an under-wire while you’re taking  your band measurement, as it keeps your breasts contained and out of the way.  Be sure to lift up your breasts, as it’s essential the tape-measure is placed right up underneath the breast tissue where the “root” of the breast meets the chest wall.  Wrap the tape-measure around your torso, right underneath the breast-tissue, making sure it’s straight across your back, parallel to the floor.  (here’s where a mirror, and a friend will come in handy.)  The tape-measure should feel snug (like a snug hug), make sure it’s not too loose. 

 If you measure an odd number just round up to the next even number.  For example, if you measure a 29, just go up to a 30.  If you measure an even number add 2 to get to the next even number.  For example if you measure a 30, add 2 for a total of 32.  It really depends on how snug you like your band to be.  Many women prefer a snugger band, and so will add nothing to an even number.  For example, if the measurement is a 32, that’s the band size they’ll choose to wear.  At a measurement of even numbers, of 38 and up, don’t add anything.  For example if the measurement is 40, that will be your band measurement.  Remember, the snugger the band, the greater the support.  If you’re a curvy girl, consider wearing  a snugger band.

STEP 2: Measuring your bust size:

Place the tape-measure at the fullest part of the bust (the point farthest away from the chest wall, where your nipples are placed.)  This measurement should be fairly loose, not as snug as the band measurement you took earlier.  Again make sure the tape-measure is placed straight across your back, parallel to the floor.

STEP 3: Calculating your cup size:

Subtract your band measurement (even number) from your bust measurement to give you the cup size.  Every inch difference between your band and cup measurement = a cup size.  The first inch is an A, the second inch is a B, the third a C, and then a D and so on.  For example if your bust measurement is 43, and your band measurement is 38, the difference is 5 giving you a bra size of a 38DD.  

Now that you’ve found your bra size, it’s time to try on some bras!   Don’t be surprised if you find you wear a different size in every bra you try on.  It’s entirely normal and to be expected. 

3 Easy Steps To A Fabulous Fit:

Make sure that:

1. The center front of the bra rests against the chest wall.  This is called “tacking” and will help to support the breasts along with the band.

  • If the center front isn’t tacking , and if the breast tissue is spilling out of the cup (over the top, underneath or at the sides) the cup is too small: go up a cup size.

2. The under-wire should surround the entire breast, with the back end of the wire sitting behind the breast tissue on bone.  This will ensure the breasts are fully supported.

  • If the under-wire isn’t behind the breast tissue, go up a cup size.

 3. The Band should be snug, and anchored low in the back – at the same level around the torso.  The band should anchor the weight of the breasts.

  • If the band rides up, it’s too loose, go down a band size.

If these 3 points of fit are happening, congratulations your bra fits!


…..And one more thing – we have to talk about putting your bra on correctly; 

This is just as important as finding the right size and style.  If you’re not getting into your bra properly, you might be choosing the wrong size, and you’ll never experience the ultimate lift and support, and most importantly, the comfort a bra should provide.    

 Here’s how:  We call it ‘Stoop, Swoop and Scoop’.

  • Stoop:  Lean forward from the waist, allowing the breasts to drop into the cups…
  • Swoop:  Then, with the opposite hand gently bring the breast tissue forward from the back towards your cleavage
  • Scooping it in front of, and on top of the under wire into the cup…

You might experience some “fluffing” on top of the cups and between the breasts.  Take your two forefingers and separate the breast tissue, smoothing it back into the cups.  If you find that you’re still “overflowing”, the cup is too small, and you’ll need a larger cup size (don’t ever be afraid to go up in the cup –even several cup sizes if necessary).

  And beware of the most common mistake:  Wearing a band too large, and/or cups too small.  

OK, now your bra fits perfectly, and you’re ready to take on the world!


A great fitting bra can change how you look, and how you feel.  It changes how you stand, and how you move.  It lifts your breasts, and elongates your waist.  All this in 10 minutes, and without surgery! 

It’s always wonderful to treat yourself to a professional bra fitting.  It should be a fun, and joyful experience – not a dreaded chore.  It’ a great way to lift your boobs, and lift your spirits at the same time!  Don’t be shy about expressing what you want, but also bring a sense of adventure with you.  Perhaps try a sexy lacy concoction if all you’ve been wearing is something smooth and nude.  Who knows, you may discover a whole new you!

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