Here’s the scenerio…

You have been “fitted” and you know your size, but the bra you grab off the rack doesn’t fit right.  What do you do next?  You probably get frustrated and start trying different sizes of the same bra without any success.  What should you have done? For one, you could have tried switching up the style.

Style Basics.

The Balconnete  aka the “Shelf Bra”
This bra will lift your breasts while enhancing both the shape and your cleavage. It provides very little coverage and is your best option when wearing low cut shirts.   
Jasmine by Panache
The Balcony (a non identical twin to the Balconnet)
This bra is shaped very similarly to the Balconette but has two distinct differences.  It’s much lower in the center exposing more cleavage but is much higher on the sides.  A great option for that v-neck top in your closet.
Neve by Fantasie
The T-shirt Bra
You’ve heard it called a molded bra, a spacer bra, a smooth bra….  The list goes on.  What makes a great T-shirt bra?  Simply put – “no seams” and good coverage.  Not a lot of push-up and minimal cleavage.  This bra will look “smooth” under the slinkiest tops.
Amelia by Elomi
The Side Support Bra
Say good bye to breast spread and hello to forward projection.  This is your best option to bring in your breasts and maneuver them forward without creating a lot of cleavage.  If you find your breasts have a tendency to want to go towards your armpits, this is the bra for you!
Arianne by Fantasie
Full Cup Bra
If you have large breasts and are seeking full coverage and great support a full cup bra is the style for you!  With so many options now days, full cup bras do not have to be your grandmother’s bra. 
Cate by Elomi
Soft Cup aka Non-Wired
Got a hate on for underwire?  A soft cup is the choice for you. Keep in mind, the wire is the only way to get maximum support, lift and shape but non-wired bras can make your shape come in a close second.  They are more structured than a bralette.  If your large busted and seeking a soft cup it’s best to look for one that has a three piece cup and a side support panel.  
Andorra Non-Wired by Panache
The Minimizer
Did you know a minimizer bra can reduce your breast projection by up to 2 inches.  That can make a huge difference.  There are minimizer bras on the market that have seams, but they are often seamless with a smooth cup.
Awareness by Wacoal
The Plunge

A plunge bra will give you great natural cleavage.  If you have problems with the wires between your breasts, “the gore”, poking forward, a plunge is an option you should try.  A plunge bra has a smaller gore, it will more easily stay put and rest flat against your breastbone all day.

Matilda by Elomi
Sports Bra
Definitely not for everyday wear, but required for rigorous activity.   A  must-have in your lingerie drawer.  Not all sports bras are alike.  You should try any style available on while mimicking the movement of your activity to ensure you get maximum support.
Sonic by Freya 
The Push-Up
A push-up bra will enhance and create more cleavage.  It uses padding of varying materials to push the breasts together and forward. A push-up is never a full cup bra and most often a plunge.
Courcelles Convertible
Smooth Push-up by Chantelle
Of course there are many more styles of bras but, we have covered the basics.  So remember the next time you are in the fitting room, if you don’t love the fit of your bra, before you get frustrated switch it up.  Best of luck!