The days are longer. The air is warmer. 


That came fast. 

You’re ready, but your lingerie drawer isn’t.

Let us help you freshen it up for Spring with Elomi lingerie.



Must Have #1… Matilda.  A plunge with a j-hook.  Low cut shirt? No problem! Tank top? Straps not an issue. Oh an how breathable and light it is.  It really fits like a dream.  It’s available in many base colours, but oh please.. give me Pink Kiss. 



Must Have #2… Charley.  A spacer bra, but not just any spacer bra. Your breasts will not go east and west when you have this beauty on.  In fact, she keeps you nice and side supported and forward projected.  Bonus –  no seams under the sheerest of spring tops.  I’ll take a Charley in Fawn. 



Must Have #3 … No bra screams pretty and feminine like the Charley plunge.  It fits like Matilda, with an extra dose of femininity by bringing us this stunning, intricate floral embroidery.  This is the kind of bra that makes you button up your blouse a little less. You want the world to see this and how hot it looks on you.  I’ll take two.



Must Have #4 … If you don’t already own Morgan you should.  She is a solid choice. Great lift? Check.  Great support? Check. Great comfort? Check. Forward projection? Check. Oh and look.. this colourway is perfect for spring. With a name like Pink Floral how can it not be? 


Ready, set… Let’s GO girls.