Halloween + Lingerie  

A Spook-licious Match

Halloween has not always been this way, but over the past couple decades it has become a time to step out of your comfort zone.  A time to maybe be a little more risque than you normally would be.  Wear a little more makeup, show a little more cleavage and be a little more scandalous. As you browse the web trying to decide who or what to be this year, you will notice there are very few costumes that aren’t considered “sexy”.  

Society spends countless hours each year at second hand shops, digging in bins, trying to put together the perfect look from head to toe  All they need now is the finishing touches. They need the fish net tights, the bra that lifts their breasts sky high or maybe even a strapless bra.  Do not underestimate the power of the perfect lingerie this Halloween.

 Take your costume to the next level this year – if you dare.